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The university is sometimes difficult. Simplify your organization with this dashboard...🎓

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Template Description

Description :-

A simple way to organize your notes, assignments and reviews, along with important information for your academic life . An all-in-one template that every University student can make use of to manage their Study life. 

What's inside the template??

✳ Making university organization accessible to all

⚡SUBJECTS :- A place to organize your subjects without using too many notebooks, just your pc or your phone and you have everything at your fingertips

⚡ADVICE :- Here you can find 9 tips to better decorate your school life, there are also two links.

⚡BOARD :- A simple table where you can arrange the topics to be studied with a click divided into 3 phases [ start , in-progress , finished ]

How to use the template?

✳ Duplicate by clicking the top right corner to your notion workspace . Here is an empty section dedicated to subjects, a progress table and many useful tips

What are the benefits of the template?

➡ Save time

➡ Give you motivation of all kind , you need to work hard 

➡ Study management dashboard

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