This notion template primarily builds and tracks your three main habits

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

My very first Habit Tracker template was simple. It had the checkbox property with the progress bars formulas.

With this template, I added some features that can be useful to Notion users. What I added was 'Consistency Report' for both monthly and yearly bases. Habits are for life, and I thought, what if I make a habit tracker that will make its users stay consistent and be afraid to see those low percentages?

Moreover, I highly emphasized on the 'Getting Started...' page that I do not recommend having more than 3 habits at a time. This clearly signifies that this tracker is only meant for those long-term and life-changing habits.

This habit tracker is a standalone template—it could work alone as a page, or you could mention it on your bigger dashboard. It has limits, I admit, but this version is what everyone needs—no further fancy customization needed or whatsoever.


  • Primarily builds and tracks your THREE MAIN HABITS.
  • Track your progress in both monthly and weekly views
  • Minimalistic red and black design
  • Be guided with videos and written instructions.

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January Preview
Weekly Habits Preview
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