Ultimate Finance Tracker


Automate your finances' management at 360 ° with Notion. Investments, Cards, Bank Account, Monthly/Yearly balance & More

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Template Description

Organise your Finances at 360°

Basically the whole system is based on a single large database with many formulas that allow you to add a transaction and automatically calculate the new balance in your bank account section. You just need to add a transaction (in / out), select the payment / income method and your bank account balance will be updated automatically.

With the same approach you can track your savings for a Wish List of products you want to buy or track your Investments (cryptocurrencies, stocks, retirement found and more)

I have also created two gallery views where you can keep track of your month / year (sum of all results of the month) taxes, expenses divided by category, money invested and many other things.

Finally I have created a complete User Guide to allow you to understand how to make the most of the potential of this Dashboard.


The dashboard includes

✔️ Unique related Database:

       ✔️ Credit Cards 

       ✔️ Bank Account

       ✔️ Transactions

       ✔️ Investments

       ✔️ Cash Wallet

       ✔️ Wish List

✔️ Month / Year prospect balance (taxes, income, expenses, ...)


✔️ Complete User Guide

✔️ Video Guide

✔️ 10 + pre-compiled Templates for transaction type

✔️ 25 + between formulas, relations and rollups

✔️ Minimal style

✔️ EXTREME Simplicity of use


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