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This Notion template includes an example case study for inspiration, other works, an about me section, and contact info.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I felt limited to Adobe Portfolio when I first created my UX portfolio. When I discovered Notion, I appreciated how simple and customizable the application was. I want to introduce other new and experienced designers to utilize Notion not just as an organization and productivity tool, but as a way to show off their work and personality.

What's inside the template?

The template starts off with a short introduction of the designer and some of their past experiences. I've included three product design thumbnails (I found it best to focus on three UX products) and one completed case study for inspiration. The case study has been used throughout my job search and has landed me interviews with Dropbox, Twitch, IBM, Affirm, and Goggle. There is also a section to include other works, an about me section, and contact information at the very end. 

How to use the template?

> Personalize the content to show off your personality and your work

> Replace thumbnail images to highlight your work

> Link your resume, email, and any other social media accounts

> Feel free to follow the example case study and steps or start from scratch

> Use Fruition to turn your Notion into a website with your personal domain name

What are the benefits of the template?

Notion has a simple and clean design, ideal for portfolios and highlighting your design process. This template includes the main sections every UX portfolio should have. This allows recruiters, hiring managers, or anyone viewing your portfolio to see your work clearly and get to know you more as a designer and individual.

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