UX Designer Portfolio


This is a Portfolio Notion Template for UX Designers that can help you land internships and jobs quickly.


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Template Description

UX Designer Portfolio

This is a Portfolio Notion Template for UX Designers that can help you land internships and jobs quickly. It displays your work in a clean format with everything that a recruiter might need available at a glance.

The recruiter can deep dive by clicking on any case study link. You can have your social media profiles and resume readily available too.

Features At A Glance

The biggest benefit of having your portfolio-cum-resume on Notion is that you can edit it even after you've shared it with a recruiter. A regular, pdf-format resume does not give you the liberty to do this. You can add experience or projects to this resume as soon as you acquire them and so, your resume never goes out of date. Here are some other features of this UX Designer Portfolio Notion Template:

  • You can start off by writing a brief summary about yourself, including the years of experience you have, the tools you love to use, and some of your personality traits. You can even add your Bitmojis all over the page to give it a personal and playful touch!
  • To give your resume a more human touch, you can write more about yourself in the "About Me" section -share your strengths, hobbies and a little bit more about who you are outside of work.
  • You can add UX project snapshots, write short descriptions, and share links (if any). Adding clickable Figma Prototypes or JPGs or videos is also possible under the "Design Shots" section. Already sounding so much more interactive than a regular resume, isn't it?
  • You can add recommendations by past employers, your seniors, or any clients who've loved your work in the past. This makes your profile look more credible, and you can even boast about all the big companies and elite clients you've worked for!
  • To make it easy to connect with potential recruiters or clients, you can add your Calendly link into this Notion template and allow people to instantly block your calendar for a meeting.

This UX Designer Portfolio made using Notion is neat and aesthetic, but importantly, it is free, powerful, and fun. Go ahead and download it today!

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