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This all-in-one system helps you capture and curate your next viral tweets.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

If you are struggling with Twitter, you are not alone. I have seen many people giving up on Twitter and I don't blame them. The process of growth on Twitter can be daunting.

Most people suffer from

  • Lack of ideas for content.
  • Lack of consistency.
  • Lack of system.

Initially, when I started using Twitter two months ago. I quickly realized that without having clear goals and systems, I stand no chance to grow on Twitter. So I analyzed big accounts and came up with this system that increased my Twitter growth exponentially.

What's inside the template?

This template has the complete system to capture, curate, and schedule tweets.

Once purchased, you will get a

1-Dashboard view of databases

2- Databases

3-Daily view of your content creations tasks (available on the dashboard)

4. Monthly view of all your scheduled or published tweets (available on the dashboard)

5. Goals section to write your goals for the current quarter of the year.

How to use the template?

Once your purchase the template, simply click on the link and duplicate the template in Notion. 

The template has detailed instructions on how to use it. 

Take a peak by clicking this link

What are the benefits of the template?

This system is designed to make the process of creating content on Twitter seamless. It helps to overcome three main obstacles in the process of writing tweets.

  • CAPTURE TWEETS - This section lets you store any information you read online. blogs, tweets, newsletters, etc. Saving this information serves many purposes. I believe you create what you consume so this helps you to find inspiration to create your content, so, you will never run out of ideas.
  • CURATE TWEETS - This is the section where you will write out your tweets, threads, or any other content you want to share online. This system is designed to make this process easy for you by breaking it down into 5 easy steps.
  •  a- Inspiration for the tweet
  • b.- Write the title for the tweet
  • c- Write your first draft
  • d- Edit your first draft
  • e- Finalize your writing
  • Every step is supplemented with the "READ ME" section which provides helpful tips to write your tweet successfully.
  • SCHEDULE TWEETS - This is a calendar view, once your tweet has been finalized, you can change the status of your writing to schedule or publish and it will automatically show up in the schedule view.
  • Why is this important? a. As you keep using this system, it serves as the directory for all your previous writings. b. You can check what you posted on what day of the specific month. You can choose to re-purpose your content that did well.
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