The Ultimate All-in-One Life Planner


Organize your life & stick to your goals. Ideal for those who need one centralized hub for everything in their life

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I created this Life Planner to help busy people keep on top of everything that's on their plate and stay on track with their goals. 

What's inside the template?

Life Planner Dashboard, Vision Page: Vision Board - Questions to help you get clear, Life Goals Page: Goals Questions page, Annual / Long term goals, Quarterly / mid-term goals, Plan Page: Morning/evening routine, Ongoing task list, Today's agenda tracker, High priority tracker, Daily Journal, Daily Plan, Habit Tracker, Mood Tracker, Important Dates, Fitness Hub, Workout Library, Nutrition Hub - Meal planning and Grocery lists, Recipe Library, Leisure - Books, Podcasts and Entertainment / TV / Movies, Travel Library, Finance Hub: Bank Balance Calculator, Income and expense Tracker, Bills Tracker, Savings Tracker, Subscription Tracker, Bonus: includes a video tutorial on how to use and edit the template

How to use the template?

Record and keep track of your task list, list your long term, mid term and short term goals, keep a library of recipes, workouts, travel destinations, entertainment / reading library, plan for for the year ahead

What are the benefits of the template?

Keep yourself on track both mentally and physically

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