The Daily Log Template


Log your daily habits & maintain a streak for your life, workout, journal, & work.




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Template Description

Use The Daily Log To Track Your Life

If you believe in the power of tracking one thing at a time and focusing only on a single aspect of life at a time, you're at the right place!

This free Notion template helps you log your daily habits and maintain a streak for everything - life, workout, and work. Boost your productivity and growth with this easy-to-use and fully customizable template.

Daily Logging Made Easy!

Track 4 Main Areas of Your Life

Journaling your life's big moments, maintaining a healthy exercise routine, living one day at a time, and being up-to-date with your office work - these are the four things that can redefine your life. This Notion template helps you do just that.

Each embedded page (as shown above) has a yearly tracker as well, for you to keep a view of your progress over the years.

For every month of the year, you can further track each day and note things like:

  • Positive Events
  • Negative Events
  • Impactful People
  • Daily Score (1-10)
  • Notable Events
  • Checkboxes: Coffee, Alcohol, Meditation, Exercise

You just need to log into the sections once per day and that's it. If you make journaling a habit, The Daily Log acts as your life template and lets you analyze at a high level of how your days are going. You can also use the work page to keep track of what you accomplished each day at work and how you felt.

Take charge of your life NOW and get started with this simple but powerful Notion template for everyday use.

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