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Succeed at the daily tasks of being a teacher. Create lesson plans, study materials, assignments & finance logs.

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Template Description

Teacher OS: What Do You Get in This Notion Template?

  • You can add/edit School, Class, Subject, Online Class Batch & Students.
  • Associate Multiple Students in a Single Batch.
  • Take Student Attendance for every Class.
  • Manage Fees for each Batch. 
  • Manage and Share Lesson Plan, Study Materials, Assignments, Bookmarks.
  • Assign and Share homework assignments and exams to batches.
  • Upload Assignments and Exam Answer Submissions.
  • Add Score to Assignments and Exam for each Student.
  • Upload Assignments and exams submitted by students, update scores.
  • Pre-made Notion Database Templates to get a view of all details of a student, like Attendance, Assignments/Exam allocated, answers submitted, total/average scores, Fees submitted, receipts, school, class, subjects opted to study for and associated batch in which they will study.
  • Add and Upload Fees Receipts with Date.
  • Monthly Income and Expense Logger.

How You Can Benefit From Teacher OS:

You'll benefit from this Notion template if you're a teacher who wants to be:

  • Organized
  • Proactive
  • Self-Aware

By being organized, proactive, and self-aware, your students can get the most from your online class even when their life outside of classes becomes chaotic.

Manage Your Teaching Like Never Before! 

Teacher OS is the one and the only template you need to plan and manage all your classes, assignments, students and work goals in one place. It is an easy to use Notion Dashboard that lets you: 

Keep a track of all your classes in an easy-to-read tabulated view. 

Keep data and all information of your students in handy "Student Database".
Familiarise yourself with your students and create a healthy bond. Works best for small class sizes.

Use the "Work Checklist" and never forget about your goals again. Click on the dropdown button and strike off the goals as you achieve them.

Keep a detailed and comprehensive view of exams, assignments, batches, and all school-related work using Teacher OS.

Comprehensive management of finances is another powerful feature of this Notion dashboard for teachers.

What Will Happen After I Make A Purchase?

  • After the Purchase, you will be redirected to the Notion Template.
  • Click the "Duplicate" button in the top right corner of the Notion template page to duplicate the template and start using it.

Build Value. Be Responsible.

As this is a digital product that gives you instant access to the template, this product is non-refundable. The onus is on you to ensure you are comfortable with using Notion.

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