Subscription Tracker


Notion template 🌸 to keep a track of your Subscriptions πŸš€ including different categories and a payment structure.




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Template Description

Use this Notion Template for "Subscription Tracking"

Tired of keeping a track of all your subscriptions?

This Notion template helps you maintain a track of all your subscription payments for the different platforms you use. Keeping a track for all the different subscribed platforms at one place becomes much more easier and systematic to keep a record of your billing system. 


Follow these INSTRUCTIONS to create a New Subscription
  • Create a new subscription by clicking the new button at the top right corner and choose New Subscription.
  • Fill in the Name, Status, Billing, and Costs column.

NOTE; Costs = Amount of money you pay in each billing. 

Benefits of Subscription Tracker

βœ…  Step Wise Subscription Tracking

βœ…  Track subscriptions across different categories such as  Netflix, Play Station, Tide and many more

βœ…  Keep a record of all your subscriptions by knowing your monthly/yearly plans with a proper payment structure

Other features include : 

⭐️  - Subscription Statistics

⭐️  - Flexible Billing Options

⭐️  - Monthly and Yearly Costs Calculations

Get this Notion template today to keep a track of all your Subscriptions within minutes!! 

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