Student Workspace


Organise your Student's life at 360°. Manage Courses, Exams, Books, Bookmarks, Documents & More.

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Template Description

Organise your University Life

The Student Workspace is an entire environment created by a student for students.

It allows you to manage courses, track exam results, plan activities, save school "Documents" such as university fees. There the "Habits" section to follow your purposes and create healthy habits. There is a "Bookmarks" section where you can also create a reading list for the articles that interest you and a "Books" section to track all your books.

All this included in one workspace.


In this Dashboard you will find 5 sections:

✔️ Workspace (Courses, Exams, To-do's, Smart Calendar & More)

✔️ Habits (Habit Traker)

✔️ Bookmarks (Digital Reading list sorted for Sources & Collection)

✔️ Books (Digital Library sorted for Authors & Genres)

✔️ Documents (General docs Database)


✔️ 15 + Templates ready to be used

✔️ Widgets


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