Student Hyperconnected Space


Organize your student life📒 with a hyperconnected space. Find & track information with Notion's powerful database ⭐️


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Template Description

Student Hyperconnected Space

This Notion template allows you to organize yourself as a student with the power of Notion databases, by tracking assignments, storing class notes, logging study sessions, and displaying your schedule.

By making special use of the link, relation and rollup property between databases, every bit of information is hyperconnected and can be perfectly tracked!

This template includes:

 • Main page 

 • Subjects database 

    • Subject template 

 • Techers & contacts database 

• A page for each university year (6) containing:  

      • Assignments & tasks database 

      • Task template 

      • Study log 

      • Class Schedule 

      • Extra: Spaced repetition table

      • Extra: Word memorisation table

*Each section in this template includes a detailed explanation of its function and use.


This is the Student Hyperconnected Space so, when you'll use this template, you'll be able to cabinet, store, retrieve, and make useful deductions based off your data and repurpose your method of working to derive better results more efficiently.

Who is this template for:

This template is for all the people who wish to keep a combined database of all their students and create a better teaching environment, especially when virtual classes make it a little bit harder to establish proper teaching environment.

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