Notion Store OS


Notion Store OS, everything you need in one place, start managing your store or online business in the easiest way.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

To help others to manage their entire e-commerce business.

What's inside the template?

What's inside

  • Events and dates (Never forget your events)
  • Tasks (Getting things done)
  • Notes (Manage your notes)
  • Ideas (Manage your ideas)
  • Resources (Manage your resources)
  • Reflections (Reflect on your progress and days)
  • Orders (Manage your orders)
  • Abandoned checkouts (Understand your customers)
  • Inventory (Manage your inventory)
  • Suppliers (Manage your supply chains)
  • Customer CRM (Track your customers)
  • Customer service (Solve customers’ problems)
  • Refunds (Manage your refunds)
  • Discounts & Coupons (Manage your coupons)
  • Shipping (Track shipped orders)
  • Feedbacks (Learn from feedbacks)
  • Affiliate marketing (Work with partners)
  • Team (Manage your team)
  • Social media (manage media channels)
  • Website/Blog (Manage your website)
  • Campaigns (Create and manage your campaigns)
  • Marketing plan (Create your marketing plan)
  • Income (Track your income)
  • Expenses (Track your expenses)
  • Subscriptions (Manage your subscriptions)
  • Jar (Start saving money)

How to use the template?

Use it for manage your online business

What are the benefits of the template?

Manage you store (Orders, inventory, Customers, Sales, Marketing, Finance...…)

Write down your notes, ideas, resources, events...…..

Manage your media channels (Social media planner)

Manage your subscriptions, income, expenses......

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