Simple Notion Habit Tracker


The only Habit Tracker you need to finally build the stongest habits, even if you have no discipline.

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Template Description

This habit tracker is for:

  • Both beginners, that are just starting out, or advanced users, who want to make a change in their lives.
  • People that don't have much time, but still want to build better habits.
  • People that don't want to lose too much time learning how to use the template, because the interface is very intuitive and simple.
  • People that don't have enough motivation or discipline, but still need to change their habits.
  • People that want to try to change even if they already attempted everything they could.

With this template, you'll be able to:

✔️ Have a clear goal and the ideal steps to achieve it

✔️ Stop relying on willpower and start having a system

✔️ Track your progress

✔️ Unleash that extra time in your routine

✔️ And much more.

This template has already helped many people and the good news is that: you can be a part of that too!

About the author

I've been using Notion for a long time and i only share the things that have actually helped me live the best life i can. This Template is the result of many techniques that can improve the life of almost any kind of person.

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