Self Development Aesthetic Notion Template


An aesthetic Notion Page to balance and harmonize everyday life.

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Template Description

πŸ“š Make your collection of Notion Templates aesthetic by adding this page to your workspace, and brighten up the way you organize your world.

🌷 Take control of your life, care for yourself, and start living more in-tune with your inner world.

This Template Features:

πŸ—‚ A Dashboard To Keep All Your Sections Up-To-Date

This super-useful dashboard maintains all of your sections in a neat format so that you can click on the section you want to view. Each new section opens in an entirely separate page, so you can navigate easily and quickly.

⏳ Timeline and Daily Scheduling

A daily spread to help you plan out your day while giving you a glimpse of how much of the year/month is passed already. This helps you be proud of what you've already done while keeping you pumped up for things you still need to finish.

πŸ’š Message Of The Day

Start every day on an optimistic note with a Message Of The Day, because a constant dose of positivity is key to a better life!

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