Second Brain [PARA]


A template to harness your information intake & expand your creative output.


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Template Description

Get ready to spin up your Second Brain - Harness your digital intake & expand your creative output.

This is a template for the Second Brain methodology developed by Tiago Forte. This template is divided into 4 main databases ProjectsAreasResources, and Archive (following the P.A.R.A system)

There are 2 auxiliary databases, Knowledge Hub and Notes.

Who is This Template For? 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Businesses 
  • Creative Professionals
  • Students
  • Anyone using Notion to organise their digital information and increase their creative output.

The Benefits

  • Maximize your return on attention & have a clear workspace. 
  • Increase your creative output vs passive consumption through a process of C.O.D.E - Capture. Organise. Distil. Express.
  • The 'Knowledge Hub' which works well with the Notion Web Clipper, acta as a single place that you store all of the articles, emails and pages that you find online.
  • The 'Notes' area is a place to capture thoughts and distil your intake through a process of Progressive Summarization.
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