More than just a resume. Lets the recruiter get to know you at a personal level.




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Template Description


With this Resume Template by Curtis Smith, you'll have the perfect representation of yourself that will make you stand out. This includes your brief summary, personality, professional ethos, resume bot, social account links, education, interests, and quotes. Recommended for designers and creative professionals but can be used by pretty much everyone else. 

πŸ“ Feature-Wise Break-Down

This Notion template is a legendary addition to the Notion community because it provides you the space to express yourself, define your personality and work style, while also showing your interests and higher education feats so that employers take more interest in you

In this template, you get:

> πŸ‘‹ Personality/Workstyle

Choose what you wish to show to potential employers and highlight your best skills so that they understand what separates you from the others in this field.

> πŸ“œ Professional Ethos

Tell the employer what you stand for and how you conduct yourself at the workplace. After all, those who abide by the rules are always loved by their employers and co-workers.

> πŸ€– My Resume Bot

This is an amazing feature built within the template and lets the recruiter actually communicate with you. Start off with a knock-knock joke, end up with a job.

> πŸ‘£ Social Footprint

This acts as an indicator of your healthy social interaction, which is a key factor recruiters look for while hiring an employee, because they want you to be able to mingle with others and thrive in the team. Connect all your social media handles here!

> πŸŽ“ Hard Knocks University

As the name suggests, paint yourself in the best possible light with your educational background.

> πŸ‘ Interests

Use this space to talk about the things you care for. Showcase images of things you love, ideologies you believe in, social media crafts you like, and anything you want at all!

> πŸ’¬ Quotes

Use this section to type in some quotes you find inspiring or something that you relate to. The recruiter can use this as a measure to judge your personality.

> βš™οΈ Notion Resources

You can delete this section after you've read through it. It contains resources that help you use Notion to the fullest, and also some methodologies to help you get more productive.

So, these were the 8 things that make this Resume Template super-awesome. They got you excited? Download this template right now!

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