Progress Bars for Notion



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Template Description

Progress Bars for Notion

Progress bars Notion are really important to track your progress, and keep a track of what your day mostly consists 

Customize your notion databases using shapes from a variety of categories. 

Categories include:

βœ…  Stars β­

βœ…  Arrowheads β¬…️

βœ…  Radio button πŸ”˜

βœ…. Basic Geometric shapes πŸ”Ί

βœ…. Shield πŸ›‘️

βœ…  Checks and Crosses βŒ

βœ…  Chess pieces β™›

βœ…  Shades πŸŒš

βœ…  Hearts β™₯️

βœ…  Hands πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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