Productivity Bundle 2

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This bundle has all the templates which will make you able to do things that you were never able to do before


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Standard Productivity



Notionable Tasks Hub



Next β€’ Smart to do list



Supreme Second Brain



Template Description


Productivity Bundle 2

This bundle has all the templates which will make you able to do things that you were never able to do before . This Bundle includes 5 templates which will keep you way ahead of other by making your year more productive in life :- 

πŸ‘‰ Standard Productivity:-

Suitable for Teachers, Small Startups, Individuals, Students, and more to offer everyone the ability to manage their daily workflow efficiently.

You can find an advanced Dashboard with an overview of your Databases

  • Domains - First hierarchy level
  • Each Domain can be related to a Projects
  • Projects can be related to Tasks
  • Meetings can be related straight to Domains, Projects, Tasks

πŸ‘‰ Notionable Tasks Hub:- 

The Tasks Hub is a robust and integrated system for scheduling and tracking your tasks, to-do's, and habits. You can use it to track: -

⚑ Recurring tasks, backlog tasks, and achievements

Your goals and buckets (areas of focus)

⚑ Your habitsTasks Hub uses a clever structure to link these different things.

⚑ It draws on elements of GTD and Eisenhower Matrix principles to provide you with an integrated system for scheduling tasks, hitting goals, and forming new habits. 

It includes :-

  • Task Inbox - Use this to quickly add new tasks or get future tasks out of your brain and into your workflow. Create a standard task by clicking the new button, or click the dropdown arrow to add a Review Day.
  • Quick Links - Underneath the Inbox section is your quick links section, giving you easy access to your most used parts of the Task Hub. Next to this is a quick view timeline, giving you an instant overview of your upcoming tasks.
  • Tasks - This is your main task overview. Use the view switcher to switch between your task list, Kanban view, and calendar view.
  • Spaces - Think of the Spaces section like a map of the Tasks Hub. It contains quick links to certain information when you need it.

Spaces and Calendar view

πŸ‘‰ Next β€’ Smart To Do List:- 

Smart, simple & readable to-do list πŸš€. No mess. Just tasks and dates πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Easy Access to your tasks

In 5 ways :-

  • Next πŸ“†. β€” Today, overdue & within the week 
  • Month πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ β€” 8 β†’ 30 days due date 
  • Some day πŸ€”  β€” +30 days / without due date 
  • By category 🏘️ β€” Grouped tasks 
  • Archive πŸ—„οΈ β€” Grouped by to do & done 

You're a click away from any view, wherever you are

Simple and efficient :- 

  • βœ… Tick the box β€” If it's done, it's gone. Keep access to what you did today.
  • πŸ” Never get lost β€” One database. Simple pages with different views.
  • βœ”οΈ Add subtasks β€” When things get complicated, pave the way β€” add details & notes.

πŸ‘‰ Supreme Second Brain :- 

The Easiest Way To Manage Your Projects Like A Pro! Spend Less Time Managing & More Time Doing What Matters Most. This includes:- 

  • PARA Method: Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive (the core of the second brain system)
  • Projects (manage your projects in advance)
  • Areas: Finances, Relationships, Productivity, Self-Development, Health & Fitness, Events (divide your life into several areas)
  • Resources: Apps & Tools, Books, Courses, Knowledge Hub (insert interesting things here)
  • Archive (archive your completed tasks, projects, or notes)
  • Notebooks: Education, Work, Business, Home (organize your notes in notebooks for every part of your life)
  • Tasks (organize your tasks to get them accomplished quickly)
  • Quick Notes (do fast notes for quick thoughts to remember them)
  • Trackers: Habits Tracker, Yearly Goals, Life Goals (be aware of every area of your life)

πŸ‘‰ Notion Bullet Journal:-

 A combination of the bullet journal and Notion to bring you the best of both worlds. It includes:-

βœ… Future log :- This Collection is used to store dated entries that will occur outside the current month. The Future Log serves as your time machine, allowing you to glimpse the outlines of the future you're actively working towards. It has two views

βœ… Board View :- A board view of entire year make it easy to move task from one month to other just like those Kanban boards. Provides you clarity year long.

βœ… List view :- A list view to see all your tasks at a glance. In case, you are not into Kanban and need more of a cleaners view, this is for you.

βœ… Notes Journal :- You may find interesting facts, ideas, thoughts, and observations all day long and it's better to note them down as every thought is valuable. That's why we created this Notes Journal. This is single list to add your points but what's interesting is a small enhancement that we added to it and that's MIND PALACE.

βœ… Mind Palace :- At the end of the day, Make it a ritual to shift the notes to various sections we created in Mind Palace, so that it can be organized for future use. We have created few sections but you can always create your own.

βœ… Tasks :- This is section where you will be spending most of your time. Your own Bullet Journal themed Daily Task Manager. It has three views: 

  • Today View: A Focused view to show you all the tasks that you want to nail. You can set priorities and type also.
  • Incomplete View: This works exactly like Migrations in Bullet Journal. You can see all the task that you missed and then you shift that to Today if you like.
  • Completed View: As it's name suggest it has all the tasks that you completed. Cheers.

βœ… Events :- Last but not least we have the event section in a timeline view. Events are date-related entries that can either be scheduled or logged after they occur similar to bullet journal. This also has Calendar view and table view if your prefer..


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