Podcasting Playbook


A comprehensive system that helps podcasters recruit high-profile guests, streamline production & grow listenership.

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Podcasting Playbook

A comprehensive system that helps podcasters recruit high-profile guests, streamline their podcast production & grow their listenership. All built on Notion.

What are some of the challenges this playbook helps solve?

  • You're looking to streamline and automate the production process to save you time
  • You want to focus on recruiting more high profile guests
  • You want to organize or revamp your growth and monetization efforts in a systematic way
  • You want to set and track goals and milestones, expenses, and earnings from your podcast
  • You want to understand how to set your podcast up for a successful launch

What does this playbook include?

This podcast includes hundreds of hours of research with podcasters large and small around their workflows. It's organized in 3 main sections with over 30 templates and 17 pages of write ups:

  • Operating - The day-to-day management of your podcast
  • Starting - Tactical steps for starting a successful podcast and defining strategy
  • Resources - Additional resources for diving deeper

Who benefits from this?

  • You're an indie or brand podcaster
  • This playbook is especially helpful for podcasters building shows with guests and an interview format, though it can serve other podcast formats as well

Who's behind this?

Hi! My name is Alina. Before entering the podcasting industry 3 years ago, I was a workflow designer and marketing director for various tech companies. In 2019, I started a podcast with a team of professional producers and got my first taste of the thrill of podcasting as well as the seemingly endless time commitment.

I was determined to make it easier and in 2019, I spent hundreds of hours interviewing podcasters from well known media companies like Vice & Gimlet, large companies like Hubspot & Microsoft, as well as successful indie creators. I mapped out their team workflows (since that used to be my job), organized our team's efforts, and even built a startup around this space (but that's a story for another time).

I released an early version of this playbook in January of 2020 and was overwhelmed by the positive response. During COVID, I started working on a podcast (Lane Change & subsequently Creator Habits) just for me, advising new podcasters, and focusing more on growth. This playbook is a celebration of the awesome community of podcasters I've met during the last 3 years. 

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