Plant Hub


This dashboard will help you keep track of your plants, their needs, and all relevant plant-parent resources

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I have created this easy-to-use Notion PLANT HUB Template because after becoming a plant parent it was becoming difficult for me to manage my plants , in this day-to-day busy life . I think that every plant lover may be facing the same or might face the same problem . To get rid of this , manage my plants and to provide proper nutrition to them I created this easy to use template .

What's Inside ??

TRACKER:- Whenever any kind of attention is needed it will remind you .

NURSERY:- Keep record of every plant you have and any plant that passed away .

LOCATIONS:- Keep track of where a certain species or a plant is kept .

RIP section :- Add & track life span of your little buddies  ( plants ) .

RESOURCES:- Save plant based books , Tools to trade , make notes for or regarding Plants & much more .

What are the benefits of the template?

With this dashboard, you now will have an all-in-one plant management dashboard .

  • Track lifespan of your little buddies (Plants)  .

You never have to worry about :-

  • When was the last time you watered the plants .
  • What kind of fertilizer does it need .
  • How much light does it need .
  • Where are all my plants .
  • How much humidity is needed .

This plant hub will keep track of it all for you and alert you when any kind of attention is needed .

How to use the template?

Duplicate into your Notion, get a feel for the template I have created & customize it to fit YOUR needs. Use daily as your Plant management system. After you duplicate into your Notion, fill out the dashboard with your unique content , schedule and take care of your Plants .

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