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Panning & Tracking events/things are one of the most difficult tasks but now with this bundle do it with ease


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Inside this bundle

Social Media Planner Notion Template



Ultimate Workout Tracker



Watch List Hub - Automatic Version



Online Training Course Tracker Dashboard



Template Description


👉Social Media Planner Notion Template

This template is for content creators, or those just looking to plan out their social media content ahead of time. Create pages for each social platform & plan out to-dos. I hope it helps you stay on track.

It Includes:-

Overall dashboard with content overviews & monthly schedules, To-do lists & notes, as well as spots for goals & inspiring images.

Pages include Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, Podcast, & Blog Planners. Stats, Income, Brand Deals, & Content Ideas.

👉Ultimate Workout Tracker

The Ultimate Workout Tracker is the only tool you need to manage your workout sessions, see your progression, and store all your exercises/races/routines/data. With over 20 templates, you'll get motivated to lose weight, get stronger and have fun while doing it!

It Includes:-

  • Bodybuilding Hub- A complete list of exercises, sorted by muscular groups & machines- Weight intensity formulas- Progression- Gallery view, with gifs/images of the exercises
  • Running, Cycling, Swimming, Stretching Hubs- Races- Best Times- Competitions
  • Workout Tracker: Like a habit tracker, you'll be able to tick boxes when you completed your workouts. Define your weekly/monthly goals and see your progression.
  • Body Tracker: Track your body measurements (weight, chest, biceps, etc.) throughout the months and see how you improved!
  • Monthly/Yearly Goals
  • Pre/post-workout routines
  • Workouts templates
  • Dark & Light themes

& many more

👉Watch List Hub

It's the perfect space to organize what you want to see and remember everything you’ve watched. No more running out of ideas on what to watch during movie nights!

It Includes:-

👀 Main page -> the information you need to choose what to watch next at a glance🎬 Movies Database
📺 Tv Shows database
📃 Genres database -> 17 different genres with a unique cover for each
📃 Platforms database -> 9 different streaming services with a unique cover for each🌟 Actors database (standard version only)
🌟 Directors database (standard version only)
📊 Statistics database -> your personal numbers and time
💡 Bonus List page (find it 😉)

📽️ 3 tutorial videos + 2 video examples to show how to add properly any items in your database with the free browser extension Save to Notion (present in both versions)
📽️ Guide on how to use the Automatic Version (auto version only)

🔳 Minimal “Retro” Black & White version available (standard version only)

👉Online Training Course Tracker Dashboard

The Online Training Course Tracker Dashboard was created to organize and manage your online training courses. As Online Training and MOOCS have become very popular over the past few years there are many course providers available.

It Includes:-

The dashboard contains multiple expanding sections that allow you to see what courses you have not yet started, as well as ones that are underway or have been completed.

Within each course, you can store your notes and update your progress as you make your way through the training course.

👉Crypto & NFT Tracker

It Includes:-

  • Current Asset Prices
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker
  • Crypto Purchases Tracker
  • NFT Collection Tracker
  • NFT Wishlist
  • Upcoming mints, Events, Updates, etc.
  • Setup Instructions
  • & many more!

👉"Today" Task Manager

Today is a smart & simple task list Notion template to help you get clear and get organized.

It Includes:-

  • Tasks database
  • Today / Overdue section
  • Upcoming Week Section
  • Upcoming Month Section
  • Near Future Section
  • Tasks Catalog Section
  • Reference & Instructions
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