Personal Finance Tracker


Use this free and easy to use notion template to track your personal finances.




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Template Description

Track your Personal Finances Using this Free Notion Template!

"Where did my money go?", is this the phrase you reiterate at the end of every month? Use this free Notion template today to change your spending habits for the better. 

Inculcate healthy financial habits and prevent yourself from drowning in a financial crisis by using this minimalist, user-friendly Notion template to manage your budget, track your finances, and always stay on top of your money-matters.

A Quick Sneak-Peek of Personal Finance Tracker:

  • This free template enables you to track your monthly expenditure and income under various categories. You have the option to add, change or modify these categories too. 

(Monthly Budgeting snapshot)
  • Get an overview of your income and expenditure for the entire year as well as the various months on the dashboard. The consolidated view helps to compare the monthly budgets and helps in managing the spike months.

(Monthly and Yearly Budget Tracker snapshot)
  • Categorise your income and expenses into headers to keep track of different sources of income and the different areas you spend your money in.

(Categorise Income and Expenses)
  • This free Personal Finance Tracker Notion template will also enable you to see where the largest chunk of your money comes from and which expense eats up the major portion of your salary. This will enable you to change your spending pattern and become a money maestro! 
  • A perfect combination of aesthetics and value addition, this Notion template is a must-use tool. 
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