Period Tracker


A Period Tracker template πŸ”΄ within Notion to keep track of flow, symptoms, and handy links to help make it easier.


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Template Description

Period Tracker

Has it ever occurred to you that period days can be managed in a much better way if we prepare beforehand? 

Well, Kristine did, and here is the Ultimate Period Tracker Notion Template to keep your period pangs at bay.

Problems faced during period days

❌  Periods pop up suddenly and plans get ruined

❌  Period cravings

❌  Mood swings worsened with loneliness

❌  Inability to distract from the pain

❌  Unpreparedness with period supplies

How Period Tracker solves these problems


Under this section in the template, you will see toggled list for:

  • Yums πŸ˜‹ - Place to find comfort food.
  • Tunes 🎡 - Some tunes from my playlist that may help soothe or entertain you!
  • Tools β˜” - Items you may need for your collecting your period.
  • Cuddle πŸ“Ί - A quick list of places to go cuddle up and watch some great stuff!

These items can be changed or added to fit whatever you need them to!

The Calendar (The Red Wave)

This is to help view what day it is and add notes to the calendar if you need.

Period Button πŸ”΄

My Period - This button is under the Calendar on the main page as +My Period

When you click on this button, a list of checkboxes will appear. I advise you to use the button for each day of your period and to add a date next to the title.

  • You can either toggle the title after using the button and highlight all the items underneath and place it inside the toggle (and add it to the archive below) or
  • You can highlight and cut the items from the button and paste them into a page within the calendar.

Check Section

You can archive this after each cycle or uncheck the boxes to reuse for each period!

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