OKR Tracking System


Create OKRs and track them using metrics, for every department of your company.



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Template Description

OKR stands for "Objectives and Key Results". The OKR framework is a great way to align strategy and set goals across your business.

This Notion Template is a complete OKR tracking system, with which you can create and track the progress of all of the OKRs in your company. This tool gives you extra guidance for creating and managing your OKR cycle with prompts for Key Result metrics and initiatives and OKR retrospectives.

Why is Everyone Talking About OKRs?

  • A simple framework to achieve goals with a focus on what matters most.
  • A cultural artifact to ensure employees make measurable contributions that are aligned with corporate objectives.
  • An impact-driven practice to translate the company’s mission into meaningful, functional objectives.

Feature Description:

- Customizable time periods; track by month, quarter, year, etc

- Automatic progress aggregation from Key Results to OKRs and OKRs to Time Periods

- Company level and department or project level OKRs

- Align OKRs using parent/child relationships

- Draft your OKRs before making them public

- Use the Timeline view to get a broader picture of your strategy  

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