Friends & Family Call Tracker


Stay close to your Family and Friend using this Call Tracker Notion Template. Get it for free today. "πŸ“ž"


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Template Description

Track your Friends & Family Call Using this Free Notion Template.

Want to keep track on friends or family call ? Use this notion template to keep tabs on your loved ones.

❌ Cant keep track to whom you contacted 

❌ Don't remember how frequent do you call the person  

❌ Often forget phone numbers of your closed ones 

❌ Don't remember when you last contacted

This notion template helps with all these issue .

βœ… List down the names to whom you contacted 

βœ… You can set the call frequency for someone.

βœ… Keep track of phone numbers 

βœ… Note down when you last contacted 


You can set the call frequency for someone. When you add the date you last contacted, the next call day will be calculated. When the day of the call comes, "Action" will be "πŸ“ž"

Also you can see how much time is left until the next call date.

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