Notion Bible Reading Plan



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Template Description

This reading plan will take you through all 260 chapters of the New Testament, one chapter per day. Read through the New Testament in 5 days a week, 5 minutes a day.

Why did I create this?

Help myself and you to start reading the bible easily. 5 minutes a day, building the habit.

You'll benefit from this if:

  • You want to start reading the bible but find it overwhelming.
  • You want to have a systematic way of reading the bible using SOAP or 3C.
  • You are to be able to track your reading progress easily.

What's inside:

  • 260 Chapters database for tracking
  • Weekly database for monitoring
  • Book database to see progress
  • Reading Templates: SOAP Method and 3C Framework
  • Each Chapter has a link to the online bible for quick access
  • Chapters roll up to Weeks and Books
  • Appearance good for Light and Dark Mode
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