Money Caretaker


Propel your journey towards financial freedom, make it grow for you and become a caretaker of your money.

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Template Description

Have you been living paycheck to paycheck not knowing when your balance dwindles to 0? Way too soon!. Trust me, I have been there and this system saved me.

The Money Caretaker helps you make conscious finance choices by helping you set a budget system each month and returns a feedback of your expense summary.

This helps you stabilize and predict your cashflows over time.

Important Features:

  • Set Budget Estimates
  • Log Transactions
  • Graphical Representation of Summaries
  • A monthly summary of Expenses, Income
  • Dashboard Overview for each month, Budget Category and Year
  • Handbook with each detail, to get started and embed charts
  • Important Finance Philosophies by experts
  • 2 Freebies
  • 100% Refund under 7 days
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