Meal Planner Notion Template


save, collect and plan your recipes on one page. shopping list? it will be created for you automatically


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Template Description

Get a meal planner to write down and collect all of your recipes

🟢Collect all of your recipes in one place

🟢choose from the ingredients that you hate written down so you don't have to rewrite the ingredients over and over again

🟢Plan your week in a few minutes

🟢Receive an automatic list of the ingredients you need for your dishes this week

🟢tick whether you still have the products at home or not

🟢Receive an automatic shopping list that you can comfortable use on your mobile phone

Why should you buy this template

  • you can save all your recipes
  • you can easily plan your week
  • A shopping list for the week will be automatically created for you
  • sort your recipes by topics

How you will benefit from the Template

  • save time
  • have a better overview of all your recipes

What is included

  • a page where you can enter all the ingredients
  • a full template guide
  • a video of how to use the template
  • a page in which you can write down your recipes. You can choose from the ingredients that you have written down. so you don't have to rewrite the ingredients over and over again
  • a page where you can plan your week
  • an automatic shopping list

About me

My name is Severin and i love to solve problems an organizing things as accurate as possible. So the fact isn’t that far, that i create Notion templates to make life easier and more organized.

i have been using notion for about half a year and since i'm using it I have become more productive and focused. So, like many others, i want to share my templates in order to enable other people to do the same.


Can I duplicate this template to share with my friends?

No, this is a personal license for individual use

Does the template work in the free version?

Yes, the template works in the personal plan

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