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Template Description

Not Your Regular To-Do List!

The MASTER TO-DO LIST  can help you in organizing your entire life. It benefits you to keep a record of everything you do in a day and keeps your schedule more systematic, well-organized and productive.

With the help of this Master To-Do List, your work becomes easy and quick. Having a 'Master To-Do list' is an excellent time-management technique. By organizing things and listing out important ones, you start to develop good time-management skills as well.

Segregate the important areas in your life that you like to cover, for example:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Work/office
  • Personal finances
  • Assignments
  • Personal time
  • Hobbies

Segregate Your Life With This Notion Template for Productivity

By segregating all tasks into compartments, you will find it easy to hustle through every day. Use the Notion template to write down the tasks, things, and other miscellaneous items you want to remember. No key information or important tasks will ever be missed again!

To help you prepare your list while being as specific and creative as possible, this template lets you divide tasks into 4 categories. 

[A snapshot of the 4 categories for prioritising the tasks]

Choose From 2 Different Views

Depending on which way you like to work, you can choose one of the 'views' and get rid of the other one. Like to scroll? Choose the first option. Like tables? Choose the second option!

[A snapshot of the 2 views to select from]

All things in one place

By taking you through a set of simple, easy-to-understand bullets, you will be getting a clear idea about how to build a good master's to-do list.

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