Life Hub Template


A Notion template to take care of all your life plannings in one place.


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Template Description

Life Hub is a Notion Template that helps you plan and track every aspect of your life easily in one place. If you want a more organized life and want to declutter your mind, this template is a must-have for you! Read on below to explore the features and know how you can use this template to the fullest.

Key Features of Life Hub Template

With this Notion template, you can sort out not just your 'home life' but also your work and academics. Here are some of the features of Life Hub that make it super useful:

  • You get access to a Habit Tracker, Note Taker, Contact Diary, Actionable Items List, and other such daily task managers in this amazing template. You also get a Meal Planner, and a full-on Career Tracker!
  • If you are always learning something new, Life Hub is your soulmate as it gives you access to a dedicated template for managing Online Courses, another one for Learning Languages, and yet another for maintaining Notes and Journals. The "People, Place, Thing Index" is an added bonus!
  • Embedded into the Admin section, there is a Budgeting Tracker, Travel + Event Planner, and a safe place to store all your Important Documents as well. If you are on the hunt for a new apartment, this section also features an Apartment Hunting template! 

Template Previews:

Daily Section to keep your notes, thoughts, track your habits, keep contact directory, groceries list, etc.
Learning Section JUST to keep track of your college, online courses, template notes, and journaling etc.
If you're a working individual, we've got you covered - with this template. Add your projects, deadline, collaborations, Research with this template. 
In the Admin Column, all of your personal goals and finances will be managed - Keep your important documents, apartments you liked, quizzes, Travel + Events, budget, etc. 
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