Learn Guitar


This Template will help to keep track of your guitar learning knowledge progress.


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Template Description

Learn Guitar

An amazing template to make your dreams of playing that dreamy song on your own, come true. This template will help you keep track of your guitar learning progress.

It contains two databases:

  • Chords
  • My Songs


It contains all the chords identified with a name, an image, and your learning progress. This template is complete with a feature that will add a new chord with its status set to Next.    

Chords Views

The Chords Collection lets you choose from database, learning status, and chords gallery, showcasing how many chords you have collected so far!

Chord Gallery View

Board view

My Songs

 It contains all the songs you like and want to practice, identified with the title, artist, learning status bar and the list of chords that are required to play it. (related to the 🎼Chords database). New songs can be added with the provided template. It will automatically create a song with Next status and add the gallery and table views along with all the other sections.

Detailed View

Inside the song page, a detailed view of the song with a linked database showing the chords gallery is provided along with the chords table, followed by the embedded video and audio of the song, and the lyrics.

It also has a comments field so you can add your personal notes. 

My songs Views

You have the freedom to choose from List, database, and Learning Status view, to track your progress in real-time

List View

Board View

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