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Build unbelievably beautiful web pages in Notion. Without design skills. Within minutes.

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Template Description

Landing Page Builder For Notion 

Use this simple yet effective webpage builder in Notion. This is the only template you'll need to hunt down potential clients who will be blown away by your ingenious aesthetic sense.

With This Template, You'll Be Able To:

πŸ”Š Test ideas, make portfolios, prepare for ProductHunt D-Day.

πŸ“© Responsive without any effort, unlimited websites.

❌  No subscription required.

⚑ Drag & drop from the 50-component library to your web page


"Devilishly simple and absolutely genius."

β€” Andreas Reif, Technologist

"So cool"

β€” Jason Werner, Cofounder Super.so

Reasons To Love This Landing Page Builder:

πŸ’°  A lot cheaper than Umso, a lot simpler than Webflow.

πŸ–₯  For personal websites

πŸ“©  For product landing pages

... and anything coming from Notion fans' imagination β€οΈ

Yes, You Can Add Google Analytics!

But you'll need a little extension to Notion.
Many exist and it's super easy to install them β†’ a step-by-step tutorial is included inside this Landing Page Builder!

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