Incident and Problem Management


Powerful and easy to use incident/problem management, including incidents, problems and SLA tables. Ideal for startups.

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Template Description

  • Powerful and easy to use incident and problem management template in Notion.
  • Based on my training and experience in IT Service Management, I wanted to create a tool that allows incidents/problems to be created and tracked.
  • The tool is ideal for startups or anyone who would like to manage incidents/problems or similar tasks/bugs/etc. with customizable deadlines depending on incident priority.
  • The template includes three tables: Incidents, Problems and SLA. They are pre-filled with some examples to show you the potential of the tool.
  • Instructions for use are as follows... Just set up your SLA table (incident priorities with target response and resolution times), then add incidents to the Incident table and select the required priority. The template automatically calculates target response and resolution deadlines. Incidents can be linked to existing problems in the Problems table or a new problem can also be created here.
  • Lots of great features are: calculated % of incidents replied to / resolved on target, flags when targets not met, warnings when resolution overdue, customizable views, embedded charts... Note that the charts are embedded from https://notioncharts.io - you can either use this or select your own third party tool.
  • Please duplicate template for yourself and small team only. Other users / teams should order their own paid copy.
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