Growth Doc


Ditch the complicated formulas and long load times; Growth Doc is the easiest way to oversee growth.

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Template Description

The easiest way to oversee growth.

If you're reading this, you probably like visualizing progress. Me too. Sometimes, plans and goals change, and if you're anything like me, it can feel... less than ideal to write out the new plan, especially if it feels like the paper or notebook is 'ruined'.

Growth Doc changes that.

Say goodbye to 'ruining paper', and hello to visualizing growth.

Ditch the complicated algorithms and long load times; Growth Doc for Notion is a stupid simple way to oversee your progress.

Key Features:
— Action statement (Your end goal as a ~mantra~)
— Actionable items (Do the damn thing!)
— Timeline (Accountability, anyone?)

A GIF from 'The Bachelorette'. Not what originally came to mind, but the best quality 'Do the damn thing' GIF I could find.

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