Gratitude journal


This Template is a Journaling prompt that will help you feel grateful for your life and wellbeing


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Template Description

It's not happiness that brings us gratitude, but it's gratitude that brings happiness to our life.

This Gratitude Journal is a journaling prompt that will help you feel grateful for your life and wellbeing. The aim of this is to fill you with gratefulness and positivity, all via a single Notion template.

It comes with systems for daily journaling and even an exciting challenge to help you get started!

Gratitude Journal🎀

Daily Logs

💎 The Daily log section comes with a set of questions to help you start the process of gratitude journaling in the perfect way. 

💎 Every day you can start journaling by tapping onto 'Add a New Day' below the gratitude prompts and just start typing!

Gratitude Prompts🧙‍♂️

💎 You can archive old days and journals if you wish by adding them to the archive section. This will make your journal more clean and easy to understand.

Archive Old Journals🎃

💎 All the value comes with an aesthetic appeal to make this gratitude journaling process more fun. So wouldn't want to journal?

It Comes With A Challenge!

💎 The Gratitude Journal comes with an exciting 30-day challenge to help you make journaling a part of your routine.

💎 This journal will not only help you understand yourself better but also become a better person!

Who said Gratitude Journaling can't be fun?

30-Day Challenge🎈

All this value addition will cost you nothing since this template is completely free! 🎉

Download Now to make gratitude an integral part of your life!

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