Ultimate Notion Finance Tracker for Personal, Family and Small Business


All-in-one zero-based budget and financial system to track you personal, family and small business needs!

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Template Description

All-in one financial system to track you personal, family and small business needs!

Using “zero-based budgeting” methodology, assign your previous month income and plan your savings and expenses for the month! Just add a transaction in your mobile/desktop for less than 5 sec, and your bank account balance will be automatically updated.

Full page preview of template available at https://bit.ly/3vFXSUh


⭐ Budget & Expenses ⭐

- Set monthly budget across master categories and track by subcategories. Ability to set budget for individual subcategories as well.

- Monthly progress bar displays the amount of money left, % spend, amount of money overspend.

- Gauge how much you should spend to stay on track by comparing against real time progress tracker

- Red warning alert shows up if you exceed your budget by Nth day of the week/month

- Filter by individual category, calculate your average spendings or figure out how much to fund for the subsequent months

- Template to generate frequently used fixed and variable categories

- Add attachment to transactions

- Guide to zero-based budgeting

- Guide to quickly log day to day transactions on your mobile devices

- Guide to embed and set up your own category expenses pie chart

⭐ Accounts ⭐

- Easily transfer between accounts and reconcile balances

- Reconcile expenses to ensure they stay up to date with bank transactions

- Automatically display relevant informations on dashboard based on type of account selected. Choose between savings, credit, checking, cash and business account

⭐ Savings & Goals ⭐

- Guided formula to help plan your monthly saving targets and expenditure

- Guided formula to calculate your actual savings for the month after taking into account your overspend or underspend budgets

- Ability to track savings across months

- Set multiple saving goals, track progress, automatically allocates amount saved based on weighted percentage, automatically calculates time taken to reach goal, track total time taken to reach goals

- Automated calculates how much of your savings is allocated to your saving goals and how much left is untouched.

- Ability to archive saving goals when goal amount is reached

⭐ Reports ⭐

- Automatic monthly and yearly reports

- 12 month view and year by year view of your expenses across categories and subcategories

- Guide to embed charts into notion, hit refresh button to update charts automatically. Choose your own parameters to track across months- total net worth, change in net worth, savings, total expenses etc, or even years - total income, total side hustle etc

⭐ Shared Family Budget ⭐

- Manage shared budget with your partner using your own individual login and account

- Ability to display and edit shared information on your own personal finance dashboard

- Track you and your partner’s overall contributions and contributions across individual months

- Work towards multiple shared goals

- 12 month view and year by year view of expenses across categories and subcategories

⭐ Small business/ side hustle ⭐

- Own multiple side businesses but don’t have a separate account? Set aside master categories for your individual side businesses and track expenses by subcategories

- Learn how to create business account to track profits and losses without having to create an actual business account

- Track your business growth across months and years

✅ Lifetime upgrades

✅ No recurring charges, one-time payment

✅ One system, 3 different uses - personal, family, small business

 Friendly mobile view included for quick entries

✅ Light and dark mode available

✅ 57 pages of read me guide included

✅ A total of 17 databases, many hours spend to create the best experience, and don’t be surprised by the complexity of the formulas!

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