Aesthetic All In One Notion Template


Aesthetic All In One Notion Template | 25 + Pages | Daily, Weekly and Monthly Templates | Finance and Meals Tracker

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Template Description

Aesthetic All In One Notion Template | Budget and Fitness Tracker | Gratitude journal | Finance tracker | Online Planner for Computer, Tablet and SmartPhone | Highly Editable and Customizable | Simple interface with instructions.

All In One Notion Planner template to replace your jumbled journal and to become an easy, functional way to organise your life and keep a journal to improve your life.

Smart | Simple | Functional | Clean | Minimalistic | Aesthetic

What The Template Includes:

These pages are all formatted for the rest of 2021-2022 and can be adapted for ongoing years.

  • Daily Routines (Morning and Evening routines)
  • Daily Gratitude Journal (Different daily gratitude questions)
  • Mood Tracker (Daily mood word template)
  • Dream Log (Dream log entries)
  • Habit Tracker (Daily habit tracker checklist)
  • Journal (Entries option, A large range of journal promotes and topics)
  • Weekly Plan (Calendar view, Tasks List, Priorities list, To-Dos List)
  • To-do lists
  • Note and favourites (Notes and favourite lists pages)
  • Groceries and Meals ( Meal planner, recipes and automatic grocery list function )
  • Finance Tracker (Monthly Expense tracker, Expenses and Income Tracker, Subscription tracker, budget tracker, Wishlist, Saving For, Goals, Christmas and gift list)
  • Fitness ( Workout plan, workout lists )
  • My goals ( Yearly goal inspiration page )
  • Bucket List ( Bucket list checklist )
  • Monthly reflections ( Questions and reflections for the months )

What You Get:

You get an instant download link straight to notion 

New to Notion? Don't worry! When you open Notion you will see a ' How to use Notion ' Page filled with resources.

Disclaimers - This template worked best on PC and MAC computers but most of the pages can be used on smartphones.

Message us if you need any customisations for a small cost

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