Eisenhower Matrix


Eisenhower Matrix method and has a special feature that allows you to change both their importance and urgency.


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Template Description

Eisenhower Matrix

This template by Alex Sherwood is based on the Eisenhower Matrix method and it has a special feature thay allows you to drag and drop your tasks into a different section of the matrix, to change both their importance and urgency, at the same time. Even though those are separate columns.

Eisenhower Matrix Template


This is the Eisenhower matrix template that starts with a How-To.

List of Tasks to sort

This is the list of tasks that you would like to sort based on priority and rearrange inside the matrix

The Matrix

The Matrix

This is the matrix. This will be the one that will sort your tasks based on priority. use it to rearrange your tasks from the list and you'll be able to complete them much more efficiently.

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