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This Development Bundle is an asset for all teams & individuals who want to create new things with a reduced work load


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Inside this bundle

Service Business OS



 Notion Agile Dashboard



Online Course Creator Hub



Content Creation Studio



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Development Bundle 

This Development Bundle is an asset for all teams & individuals who want to create new things with a reduced work load . It includes :-

βœ… Service Business OS :-

 Service Business OS is the fastest and most organized way to manage your company. All the tools you need in one place! It includes :-

  • Finance Dashboard
  • Accounts Tracker
  • Income Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker
  • Subscriptions Tracker
  • Order Management Board
  • Services Catalog
  • Client Orders Tracker
  • Customer Manager
  • Project Management Board
  • Branding Kit Database
  • Design Review Board
  • Content Calendar
  • CRM
  • Contract Design Template
  • Managing Dashboard
  • Objectives Tracker
  • Key Results Tracker
  • Quarterly Goals Tracker
  • Meeting Notes Database
  • Calendar and Clock Widget

βœ… Notion Agile Dashboard :- 

The Notion Agile Dashboard helps you build a better product faster compared to traditional waterfall methods. It includes :- 

  • Fully integrated dashboard to manage your agile project from a single place
  • Product Roadmap, Product Vision Templates to make sure your project gets off to a great start
  • Theme, Epic and Sprint Trackers to monitor and evaluate project progress
  • Dedicated templates for Project Kickoff, Epics, Sprints and User Stories
  • Track sprint progress using story points
  • Identify potential blockers early using a Blocker Flag on User Stories
  • Dedicated meeting templates for Project Kickoff, Daily Standup (Scrum), Sprint Retrospective and Sprint Planning
  • Create Bug cases as they arise and incorporate them into your workflow

βœ… Online Course Creator Hub :- 

Plan and Manage All Your Online Training Courses In a Single Notion Dashboard. It includes:- 

  • Course development template for planning and developing your course
  • Course tracking database to monitor progress and identify when courses are due for a review
  • Integrated databases for managing courses, modules and lessons
  • Lesson Planning template for preparing individual lessons
  • Task manager to keep on top of what needs doing

βœ… Content Creation Studio:-

Content Creation Studio includes a content idea bank, content planner, content creating center, 20+ checklists, and more! It includes:-

  • The Content Bank allows you to store any and all content ideas you have for every content platform you use. You can store any media type in  your content bank including graphics, quotes, text, and video.
  • You then pull your content ideas into the content planner and create a plan for what content you'll publish and when. This space is organized in several ways including by week, month, and platform.
  • Now that you have the complete plan for your content, you move to the content creation space. Each platform type includes a complete process for creation. Just follow the checklist!
  • Social Media Hubs manage your platform specific content including your ideas, a status pipeline of your current content, a media database to collect resources, a tools database for quick access, links to frequently used pages, and a metrics database to track your results. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • A separate toolkit includes a database to track all of your keyword research, quick access to keyword tools, and a hashtags database where you can store all of your hashtags for copy and paste convenience.
  • The Media Platforms section contains all the other media platforms outside of social media. Each one has both a daily and weekly workflow for must-do tasks, content ideas, status pipeline of current content, tools database, quick links, and each of their own metrics. The media platforms include Medium, Pinterest, podcasts, and even emails!
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