Decision Matrix Notion Template



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Template Description

Decision Matrix Notion Template

Simple tool to compare multiple alternatives based on different criteria and make personal/professional decisions.

Problems when making a decision:

❌  Decision fatigue 

❌  Guesswork

❌  Prioritising criteria

How this template works:

βœ…  Helps with making decisions by taking weighted means

βœ…  Eliminates decision fatigue

βœ…  Reduces the chances of guesswork

βœ…  Can prioritise choices based on available data

The decision matrix is also known as the decision grid, Pugh matrix, opportunity analysis, criteria rating form, grid analysis or problem selection matrix. The method of using a decision matrix is also termed weighted scoring and you will know why in a minute.

There are two types of decision matrix methods:

Unweighted and Weighted decision matrix methods.

When all the considered criteria are equally important to us, we use the unweighted decision matrix. The scores for each alternative against each criterion are used to rank the alternatives without multiplying them with weights.

Unweighted Decision Matrix Example

On the other hand, when the criteria have different priorities and relative importance, we weight each criterion based on this importance. The scores for alternatives are multiplied by these weights to calculate the weighted scores and then summed to rank the alternatives.

Weighted Decision Matrix Example

The final decision can be made by checking the total scores and selecting the alternative having the highest scores.

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