Crypto Portfolio Live Tracker


Track all your crypto transactions, holdings, performance and live price changes!

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I wanted to have all my crypto transactions in one place, and slowly started to build my first dashboard, now evolving into powerful template unlocking new possibilities of Notion's formulas and embedding features

What's inside the template?

Inside you will find complete databases where you can record your crypto transactions:
- Buying
- Selling
- Price per coin
- Purchase Fee's
- Open/closed status
- Market where it was bought / sold

Live price widgets!

Customize your own crypto widgets and track those cryptocurrencies that matter to you the most.

Live Portofolio:

Complete information about your holdings, how much of each cryptocurrency you hold, it's worth, and your ROI performance! Just punch in current crypto price, and dashboard calculates all your earnings for each Crypto, as well as showing you total earnings and average percentage performance across your portfolio 

How to use the template?

- First, delete the dummy data :)

- Customise your crypto widget

- Customise your transaction DB (if you need to alter currency, different markets etc.)

- Add cryptocurrencies ( Inside are included top 50 by CoinMarkatCap)

- Start adding your transactions!

What are the benefits of the template?

Track everything in one place, and gain complete control and awareness over your crypto portfolio.

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