Content Creation Studio


Content Creation Studio includes a content idea bank, content planner, content creating center, 20+ checklists and more!

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

When I first started my business, I couldn't believe the amount of content I felt I needed to make just to "keep up".

What's inside the template?

The Content Bank allows you to store any and all content ideas you have for every content platform you use. You can store any media type in  your content bank including graphics, quotes, text, and video.

You then pull your content ideas into the content planner and create a plan for what content you'll publish and when.  This space is organized in several ways including by week, month, and platform.

Now that you have the complete plan for your content, you move to the content creation space.  Each platform type includes a complete process for creation.  Just follow the checklist!

Social Media Hubs manage your platform specific content including your ideas, a status pipeline of your current content, a media database to collect resources, a tools database for quick access, links to frequently used pages, and a metrics database to track your results.  Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

A separate toolkit includes a database to track all of your keyword research, quick access to keyword tools, and a hashtags database where you can store all of your hashtags for copy and paste convenience.

The Media Platforms section contains all the other media platforms outside of social media.  Each one has both a daily and weekly workflow for must-do tasks, content ideas, status pipeline of current content, tools database, quick links, and each of their own metrics. The media platforms include Medium, Pinterest, podcasts, and even emails!

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