Cafe Review Minimalistic Notion Template


Rate and keep track of the nicest cafes around the world with a cafe counter for keeping track of the cafes you visited.

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Template Description

🌿 Minimalistic Cafe Review Notion Template - Eternalise your favourite cafe experiences around the world.

🌼 It happens sometimes, that we want to keep track of all the magical places we encounter during our trips around the world - whether it's for memories, or sharing with our friends.

🤩 There are honestly way too many incredible cafes that do not always exist on Google Maps!

☕ Do you visit a whole lot of unique and charming cafes but forget to save the addresses, the names and the nonexistent places whose pictures you took?

✨This Notion template is for you!

🦉 You, who wants to go back to these special places even though you are 2735 km away from them, just to look back, re-experience the ambience and find your way back there one day.

This Notion Template Features:

Place-wise counter

A cafe counter for keeping track of the cafes you visited during your world visit.

Cafe Gallery

Organize your Notion Template with personal images of your cafe visits to re-live that experience!

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