Bullet Journal for Notion


A bullet journal with an integrated system of a task manager, habit tracker, journal notes manager and a goal tracker.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I made this to integrate several systems of task management, habit tracking, journaling and goal tracking under one whole space to access them easily.

What's inside the template?

You'll find 4 different systems, 

1. Task manger

2. Habit tracker

3. Goal tracker

4. Journal/notes manager

Each made to work well under one page.

How to use the template?

You can the template to fix yearly goals and divide them into sub goals for better completion.

You can track the habits on a weekly basis and check the percentage of completion of each habit per week.

You can manage your tasks with an inbuilt task manager that will have a state indicator inspired from analogue bullet journals.

You can also you the journal/notes page to record your thoughts, ideas and plans and assign them to specific categories.

What are the benefits of the template?

This template gets rid of the hassle in finding distinct spaces to keep track of your life by integrating them into a single page.

You can,

1. Track the progress of your yearly goals

2. Be productive with a task manager

3. Track your habits on a weekly basis for better insights

4. Record your thoughts, ideas and plans on the journal/notes space.

The friction of using those systems are reduced so that you can access them easily.

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