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This notion template helps you organize different aspects of your life

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Template Description

Get a Notion template that can easily adapt to you lifestyle! 

This template contains a simple yet aesthetic structure that can help you organize different aspects of your life. It contains the following sections: 

General dashboard
  • Work -- great for basic project management!

Work dashboard
Project stages (Planning, execution, completion)
  • Schedule -- Plan out the activities and events you have for the week. Includes a section for free time activities. 

Weekly agenda
  • Meal plan -- save recipes, and orgnize them by ingredients, caloric intake, etc. Attached to it is a shopping list so you can keep track of what to buy later. 

Recipe info
Meal plan calendar
  • Budget -- Register and quantify your expenses; at the end of the month you can quantify the total expenses per category, to improve your spending habits. 

Budget dahsboard
Monthly budget
  • Goals -- set as many goals you'd like for the year! Reflect on the reasons you'd like to acomplish this and what tasks are encessary to make it come true. Attached there's a daily habit tracker. 

Specific goal tasks
  • Self care -- Take care of yourself by building a solid morning and night routine. You can also reflect on the positive things that happened to you today by registering them in the journal.

Self care dashboard
Self care dashboard 2 
Journal Entry 
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