Aesthetic Watchlist Tracker


This Notion template keeps track of the series, movies, and animes you´ve watched and want to watch.

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Template Description

。・゚゚・Who is this template for?・゚゚・。

Anyone who wants to keep track of the media they watch and the media they´ve already watched all in one database. This Notion template makes managing your ¨WatchList¨ fun and simple.

。・゚゚・What´s inside?・゚゚・。

╰┈➤Aesthetic links to all your favorite streaming services

╰┈➤Movies Tracker Database

╰┈➤Tv Shows Tracker Database

╰┈➤Anime Series Tracker Database

:・゚✧:・゚all including pre-built tracking tools and software_:・゚✧_:・゚

。・゚゚・And you´ll get even more with ・゚゚・。

╰┈➤More than 25 Currencies available

╰┈➤7 Genre Categories

╰┈➤Unlimited Customization

╰┈➤Built-in Progress Trackers

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