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Home page with to-do lists and 7 embedded pages, Includes original illustrations

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I created this template to help students organise themselves, their assignments and classes. Keep on top of their personal lives with to do lists, calendar, habit tracker, as well as goal setting. Additionally, reading and shopping lists with a place to keep track of recipes.

What's inside the template?

Includes a home page that features a main to do list and a uni to do list, as well as a space to keep track of assignments. It’s spilt into a grid of three for maximum organisation. 

As part of the home page there are 7 embedded pages: goals, calendar, recipes, habit tracker, shopping, class schedule and reading. 

How to use the template?

To use the template you will start at the home page. There you can fill in the to do lists. The assignments section features 3 embedded pages for detailed descriptions of assignment outcomes and due dates. 
If you move to the bottom of the home page there you will find the embedded sub pages. The calendar features a month by month to highlight important dates. The habit tracker is a month by month page, and your progress is able to be tracker by checking off days. The recipes page includes ingredients and instructions to be filled in. The shopping list page is split into sections dairy, fruit, vegetables, seafood/meat, frozen, bread cereal rice & pasta, health & beauty, and other. The class schedule page has a table for clearly laying out the class, location, day and time. Finally, there’s a list for keeping track of books read and stars.

What are the benefits of the template?

This template will keep you organised and on top of your work and personal life. The different embedded pages help separate different aspects of your life. This template features original illustrations created by me for the borders and home page, as well lettering for the goals and habit tracker page.

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