Aesthetic Main Dashboard


This notion template is the best place to store all of your other main templates used on a daily basis.

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Template Description

。・゚゚・Who is this template for?・゚゚・。

College students who want to keep track of all their daily dashboards in one place. This Notion template makes managing your dashboards fun and simple.

。・゚゚・What´s inside?・゚゚・。

╰┈➤Aesthetic links to all your favorite dashboards

╰┈➤Simple Calendar Database

╰┈➤College Schedule  Database

╰┈➤Daily Schedule Database

:・゚✧:・゚all including pre-built tracking tools and software_:・゚✧_:・゚

。・゚゚・And you´ll get even more with ・゚゚・。

╰┈➤More than 25 Currencies available

╰┈➤7 Daily Categories including: College, Work, Home, Personal, For Funzies

╰┈➤Unlimited Customization

╰┈➤Places to Insert Notion Widgets

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