Advanced Personal Notion Template - Secondary Brown


Advanced Personal template made for tracking your goals, finances, journaling, with recurring tasks and workout sessions

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

o help people have better progress in their Self-Growth journey, have their life in only one place, and experience an advanced custom-coded system.  Save up more time with much more advanced synced databases than the regular templates have.  Not overpriced and Easy-to-use. 

What's inside the template?

Advanced Workout session and Tasks recurring system, pick the days you want to recur the tasks or session (example: Monday, Wednesday), and everything will be set.

Home page - Place for pick peek of every casually used database

GTD page - Getting things done - Recurring and casual (date) tasks       with Personal, Work related, or Family projects

Goals page - Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly goals with a bucket list. And pre-prepared templates

Finance page - Advanced system of tracking your finances, income, the     expense for each monthly budget, cash flow, savings     account and also if you’re saving for some item or     reconstructions.

Health&Fitness page- complex system, Workout Plans and Recurring Workout session with detailed Movements library with each body part. And meal prep including nutrition counter on daily and weekly basis with your Groceries

Habit Tracker page - Simple Weekly-based habit tracker with pre-made      template

Journal page - Complex Journal entries with pre-written questions and    sentences - Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and    even goal summaries and even Blue sky thinking for    your Curious self

Event&Library page - For planning your events with notes,  and rating movies and books with your friends for movie nights or book-reading groups

Gardening Page - Really detailed gardening journal for beginners as well as advanced  gardeners 

Database page - Because there’re a big about of pages I’ve added a p lace where you can access them all. 

New Tasks button - Quickly add your new tasks

How to use the template?

I have added a simple guide just for that. There are 4 sections with pictures and notes you can lean on. 

What are the benefits of the template?

Another great benefit:

Saving your time

Having a track of almost  everything

Having daily progress when you're reaching your goals

(I find very often demotivating not seeing any progress, this helps me a lot to see it)

Recurring task or workout sessions set each week and not worrying about them till the You Click an inbox button

Databases to remind you of your daily and weekly or monthly tasks and ongoing projects.

Database of contracts at your job with documentation and helpful contracts like plumber or taxi drivers in one place

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